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    The Bay Islands

    Roatán, Guanaja, and Utila are the three major Bay Islands of Honduras. The Bay Islands offer beautiful, worthy sights to those who visit this area of inspiring, often untouched natural beauty.

    Roatán is the most popular of the island resorts. With plenty of island activities, attractions, and water sports, you can experience diving near the coral reefs, riding the exhilarating jet skis, and much more.

    With dense, mountainous jungles, Guanaja is the most remote island of the Bay Islands. Because it is the least inhabited Bay Island, it gives visitors the opportunity to have the beach all to themselves. The Caribbean waters are also perfect for swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking, and snorkeling.

    Of the three major Bay Islands, Utila is the smallest and flattest island. Traveling between this small island and the more popular Roatán Island is easy with charter services by air or by sea. East Harbour is the main town of Utila, located between the Upper Lagoon and the Lower Lagoon on the eastern side of the island. Coral reefs can be found only a few feet from the beach, perfect for shore diving.

    Quick Facts
    Capital City Roatán
    Population 65,932
    Language Spanish (official),
    Amerindian dialects
    Currency Lempira and Dollars
    Time Zone Central Standard Time
    Sights and Attractions

    Sights & Attractions

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      Underwater Beauty and Fishing

      Guanaja is famous for its rare underwater beauty. With untouched coral reefs and miles of oceanlife to explore, the Caribbean waters are perfect for snorkeling, swimming, sailing, kayaking, and fishing. One of the top groups to offer fishing trips on the island is Fly Fish Guanaja. On the eastern side of the island, some of the best flat fishing in the world can be found between the cays. Visitors can choose to explore on their own or with a guide—those on their own should remember their own fishing poles. The island of Roatán is covered with sandy beaches and diverse underwater ecosystems, making Roatán’s coral reefs the prime areas to appreciate underwater beauty.

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      Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

      There are 45 dive sites in Guanaja alone. In these clear waters, visibility sometimes exceeds 55 meters deep; combined with warm temperatures and a variety of underwater life, this unforgettable serenity relaxes you and makes every day life pale in comparison. With the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, Guanaja has some of the best dive sites in the Bay Islands. If you plan on snorkeling while in Guanaja, make sure you bring your own gear. In Roatán, water sports of all kinds are available to guests like: banana boat rides, jet skis, kayaking, snuba, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

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      Hiking and Waterfall Adventures

      An amazing relief from day-to-day stresses is hiking. On the island of Guanaja, there is a 30-minute trail leading to the island’s beautiful waterfall. Begin the trail from Bo’s Island House and just follow the signs. Another trail leads up to Grant’s Peak—one of the highest points on the island, which also provides a picturesque view of the Bay Islands.

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      Island Tours

      To experience the rich culture of the Bay Islands, there are many local towns that offer guests a wealth of knowledge about the islands, their history, and their inhabitants. Nearby towns include Bonacca, Mangrove Bight, Savannah Bight, Northeast Bight, and the Mitch. Bonacca is the convenient destination for trips to the store, bank, pharmacy, or doctor. A jungle tour is also available in the Mitch where a tour operator can be seen driving a Ford Explorer. The Roatán locals, who have extensive knowledge about the area, host private trips and tours for those looking for a memorable experience.

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      Annual Events

      Hosted at the Graham’s Place Resort is the annual Guanaja International Fishing Tournament. This event promotes international, national, and local tourism while also preserving the sanctity of Guanaja waters and its natural resources. By adhering to the catch and release rules under IGFA/OWC, visitors and locals can participate while protecting the underwater life. To celebrate the rich heritage of Guanaja, you can participate in the Guanaja Conch Festival. The festival commemorates the discovery of the land by Christopher Columbus on July 30, 1502 with games, activities, live music, parades, food, drinks, and much more fun. Admission is free and is appropriate for all ages.

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      Special Occasions

      If you’re thinking of a tranquil destination wedding, it can be hosted right in the Bay Islands. Do you want to explore the depths of the mysterious ocean as a post-wedding adventure? Or do you want to take your escapade aboveground on a hiking and waterfall experience? AskMe can also organize more special events like birthday parties and other group events. Revel in the natural beauty of the Bay Islands!

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    The Bay Islands

    Located in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras, Guanaja Airport is the region’s new commercial airport, giving visitors a modern experience upon arrival. Guanaja Air runs “shuttle” flights between Guanaja and Roatán and both Guanaja Air and Bay Island Airways offer charter flights.

    Bay Islands

    Bay Islands, Honduras

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