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Destination Wedding vs Hometown Wedding

There’s a reason nearly 25% of all couples getting married choose to do so in a setting away from home. And while there are many advantages to a destination wedding over a hometown one, one biggie is that it costs so much less. Surprised? Many people believe the myth that a wedding in an exotic, tropical paradise is more expensive than one in their hometown; but the truth is, destination weddings are remarkably cheaper.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical costs involved in a traditional setting:

Reception venue: $14,006
Photographer: $2,556
Wedding planer: $1,973
Rehearsal dinner: $1,206
Ceremony musician: $637
Favors: $275
Florist/décor: $2,141

Videographer: $1,724
Reception DJ: $1,124
Wedding cake: $555
Reception band: $3,587
Ceremony site: $1,901
Catering: $68/per person

If you add in the pricing for transportation and some of the other costs of a hometown wedding, the total for a couple to host a traditional wedding is approximately $31, 213. And this figure does not include the honeymoon.

Why does a destination wedding cost less?
It may be hard to imagine that exchanging vows under a romantic canopy adorned with flowers, on an exquisite beach as the waves roll into the shore could be less expensive than doing so in your hometown. But the cost effective factor of destination weddings is one of the reasons they’ve increased 400% in recent years. Here’s a breakdown of why saying “I do” away from home is more cost effective:

Hand-picked, smaller guest list
It’s just like when you were a kid and you had to invite the whole class to your birthday party. If you invite one friend, then you have to invite the other or someone will feel excluded. But when your wedding involves travel, you can seriously limit your guest list which translates into major cost savings. With food and alcohol being nearly 50% of your wedding costs, the fewer guests you have, the less expensive it’ll be. While the average hometown wedding includes 100 guests, it’s less than half of that for a destination wedding.
And the best part: You’ll be celebrating your special day with those who love and know you the best, not your sister’s best friend’s cousin whom you’ve met twice.

All-inclusive packages
Hosting a wedding in your hometown or even close by, expenses will include a wedding planner, food, flowers, the reception venue, a photographer, reception band or DJ, rehearsal dinner, wedding cake, favors and the list goes on. Destination wedding packages often include all of these things for thousands less—and many will give you free upgrades or room nights when you’re booking a block of rooms and staying for your honeymoon.

Your gorgeous setting is the décor
Imagine all you’ll save when all you need are some chairs, a romantic canopy or gazebo, some flowers and perhaps a lantern or two. Destination weddings provide such take-your-breath-away settings that you can save tons on décor as compared to a traditional wedding.

Wedding & honeymoon, all-in-one
How great will it be to throw your bouquet and then throw on a swimsuit to take a moonlit walk along the beach with the love of your life? After your destination wedding, there’s no need to rush off to the airport to catch a flight; your honeymoon starts right away. So there’s no extra travel costs!

If you’ve been fantasizing about getting wed on a golden sand beach and hosting a reception under the stars, make those dreams a reality with the knowledge that you can save lots of money. When you’re ready to start planning, turn to Ask Me for a fun, totally stress-free experience.

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