Beach Wedding at Paradisus Playa del Carmen

Regina & Steven

As soon as we chose Playa del Carmen as our wedding location, the AskMe team took care of everything.

Regina was unaware that she had an admirer until her manager clued her in. She worked with Steven but the two had never talked before. Once she knew that he liked her, Regina felt more comfortable talking to him and it was soon after that he asked her out on their first date.

The Proposal

After dating for six years, Steven got up the nerve to ask for Regina’s hand in marriage. It was July 4, 2014 and he planned a day of outdoor activities for them. At the end of the day, the two went to dinner at an Italian restaurant in downtown Vancouver. All seemed like any other date they had been on until it was time to pay the bill. The waitress was supposed to deliver a special dessert with the words “Will you marry me” written on it; but Steven got so nervous he popped the question before the dessert arrived. Regina was thrilled either way and said yes.

Why a Destination Wedding

Traditional Indian weddings typically have many guests – 500-800 on average. But Regina and Steven wanted something more intimate that included just their close friends and families. A destination wedding was the ideal way to bring their families together in a special place and to eliminate all the stress of a traditional wedding. The couple chose Playa Del Carmen and from the moment they began the process, their Ask Me team took care of everything.

Planning the Wedding

Regina and Steven’s destination wedding was planned easily and without any stress. They discussed the details of what they wanted through emails with their romance coordinator. And she put the couple in touch with their destination specialist to finalize everything. The moment they arrived for the big day, they knew it would be just perfect.

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Connect With A Destination Specialist

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