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    A wildly beautiful, mountainous landscape framed by wide-stretching, unspoiled white sand beaches and aquamarine waters, Tobago is a haven for lovers seeking romance and seclusion. With its rich history, lush, tropical rainforests and deep, mysterious waters, there is much to see and discover. Whether you’d prefer exploring vibrant underwater reefs, eyeing the sky for exotic birds, fishing, playing golf or basking in the warm Caribbean sun, Tobago has all this and more for your enjoyment.
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    Capital City Scarborough
    Population 2011 Census: 62,219
    Language English
    Currency TTD Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
    Time Zone UTC-4
    Sights and Attractions

    Sights & Attractions

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      Turtle Watching

      From March through September, visitors to Tobago can witness the ancient nesting ritual of sea turtles. The endangered giant leatherbacks, the hawksbill and green sea turtles make their way to our beaches to lay their eggs. Various turtle watching tours are available to observe them responsibly.

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      Buccoo Reef & Nylon Pool

      A vibrant underwater world beckons visitors to explore Tobago’s largest and most popular reef. Snorkelers of every level can see vibrant marine animals and 40 different species of coral. At Nylon Pool, just between the shore and the reef, the warm shallow water is perfect for swimming and wading. Whole day tours, reef tours from Buccoo Bay and glass bottom boat tours are available.

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      Fort James, Plymouth

      The oldest fort site in Tobago, Fort James was named after James, the Duke of Courland. A scenic spot overlooking Great Courland Bay, the fort is home to what remains of the original stone edifice and four cannons. The French attacked the fort twice, once in 1770 by rebelling slaves and again in 1781.

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      Pigeon Point Heritage Park

      Considered by many to be Tobago’s most beautiful beach, and definitely the most famous, Pigeon Point Heritage Park features an unspoiled white sandy shoreline with swaying palms, shimmering crystal blue waters and a thatched-roof jetty that has become a recognized symbol of Tobago. An entrance fee includes access to changing rooms, a restaurant and a bar.

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      Man-O-War Bay

      Located on the northeastern tip of Tobago, this enchanting bay is an ideal swimming spot and has been known by many names throughout history including Groete Kuylsack Bay (Dutch) and John Moore’s Bay (English). Its current name came from the fact that it provided sheltered anchorage for the men of war and sailing ships of those times.

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      Main Ridge Forest Reserve

      The oldest forest reserve in the western hemisphere, the Main Ridge Forest Reserve is one of the island’s true eco-wonders. Hike along scenic nature trails into the forest to view a variety of beautiful flora and fauna, waterfalls and wildlife.


    Tobago Airport

    Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport
    27 minutes by car to the Villas at Stonehaven (13.6 km/8.4miles)

    Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport, Airport Connector Road, Crown Point, Western Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

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